Sunday, January 14, 2007

Little Barrie - Stand Your Ground

Their debut effort We Are Little Barrie was a fine album but it seemed to be more of a stepping stone to better things. So with great interest I bought Stand Your Ground. What can be said about them is they have a huge amount of technical ability. They have a new drummer in Billy Skinner but they retain much of the same sound if verging more towards straight rock and roll. Their songwriting and confidence has definitely grown and this is a much more complete affair than their debut.

Why Don't You Do It features Barry Cadogans eloquent guitar playing with prowess not seen properly since Jimmy Page or Clapton. On the single Pay To Join you can notice the real change. They are clearly aiming for more commercial success however you don't seem to lose anything from the overall Little Barrie package. They are much wiser than they once were and I will be intrigued to see what they will produce next

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latadezinc said...

Why Don't You Do It : sheer brilliance