Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Arctic Monkeys - Matador (Single)

Now for something slightly different, a track from the Japanese version of Favourite Worst Nightmare entitled Matador. I for one am disappointed that this isn't available on the British version. I hope that this is an insight into a possible new direction for the band because it has a very psychedelic zest to it. How refreshing it is to see them trying something different with no vocals from young Alex Turner till towards the end of the track. It's getting a limited release on 7" on the 18th June.


Anonymous said...

psychedelicaly brilliant:)

Anonymous said...

that was fucken beast like in texture and shape

Anonymous said...

here ya go chums

i dnt think you need a password


Just give us a listen see what you think, we are inspired by the Arctic Monkeys,the red hot chilis but we dnt sound like them, we are a welsh band but we dnt speak the language!