Monday, May 21, 2007

The Clientele - God Save The Clientele

I was unsure how to approach this album, I'm familiar with the Clientele's style and sound and from the song posted on their Myspace page it was obvious that not much had changed. The Clientele create music which rewards repeated listens, it doesn't grab you and senselessly shake the life from you. That just isn't the way that they make their music. It rocks you gently from side to side in its comfortable arms until you realise what you are listening to is pop music of the highest order.

Songs like Isn't Life Strange can make you drift away into the clouds losing hours of time that can't be accounted for. These songs haven't been made in a factory that throws bass lines, riffs and drumbeats together. They're been handcrafted lovingly with the care that is so often forgotten about. They feel personal and fresh despite their obvious influences. Standout tracks Bookshop Casanova and Here Comes The Phantom ooze with sunshine brilliance. The latter bouncing along beautifully oblivious of the world around it. Songs like Winter On Victoria Street make you glad to be alive lifting the heart and allowing the soul to sing.

Beatles and Beach Boys comparisons are obviously going to be made. But The Clientele are far beyond these creating music that doesn't shy away from these influences but injects so much of their own style that they don't seem to matter.

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