Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Verve Reunite For Tour

Excellent news music fans. The original band of Richard Ashcroft, Nick McCabe, Simon Jones and Pete Sailsbury are to get together for the first time in almost a decade to play dates this winter. It is thought that the band will be releasing new material in the form of a new album sometime in the near future.

The band are to play:

Glasgow Academy (November 2,3)
Blackpool Empress Ballroom (5,6)
London Roundhouse (8,9)

As a celebration of this wonderful news here is a live version of a song from the very start of their career, a live version of the song A Man Called Sun.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Smashing Pumpkins - Tarantula Artwork

The new artwork for the Smashing Pumpkins comeback single Tarantula makes one raise a single eyebrow. It's released in the UK on July 2nd but its already available to download. Make what you will of the cover which features the delightful miss Hilton holding a Blackberry with the cover of their new album Zeitgeist on the screen, against the backdrop of a nuclear explosion. Provocative to say the least.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Down Boy

A track from the delectable new york outfit with fiery, front woman Karen O. Its a track from their forthcoming Is Is EP. This band just keep on growing with each new record and with this track which is a marvellous piece of pop-rock. They appear to have expanded their branches even further.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 40th Anniversary

What an idea, get contemporary acts to perform sgt pepper songs using the same recording techniques that The Beatles used all those years ago. This of course could be a recipe for disaster, with the utter destruction of wonderful songs by inferior acts. However I'm pleased to announce that in the most part this is not the case. The excellent performances by the Kaiser Chiefs, Stereophonics and Razorlight (Thankfully without Mr Borrell) are a delight to listen to. One track which I haven't featured here that really doesn't work is She's Leaving Home performed by the Magic Numbers. His voice really doesn't fit the song and it becomes a mess. If you really want to hear it, it can be found on Youtube. But in the meantime enjoy, Kaiser Chiefs - Getting Better, Razorlight - With A Little Help From My Friends and The Stereophonics - Sgt. Peppers [Reprise]


Another track to add to this collection. A heartwarming rendition of Lovely Rita performed by Travis

Monday, June 18, 2007

New Radiohead Material

At last some news of the imminent new Radiohead album. Its a montage of new tracks that should feature on the new release. It doesn't settle on each track for very long but from the little snippets you are given is enough to get you excited.

The Go! Team - Grip Like A Vice (Single)

The new song from The Go! Team played live on Channel 4's Transmission. It doesn't sound too dissimilar from their last album but they are truly one of the only real innovators in Britain at the moment but with America producing talent like Battles, we need to keep up. They have clearly now refined their live sound which they struggled with before and hopefully the new album will be just as good. Grip Like A Vice out in the UK on 2 July 2007


Here is the official video for this very song:

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Muse - Man Of Mystery

Here is a tasty little snack, recorded for the NME CD celebrating the Muse concerts at the new Wembley. A cover of an instrumental song by 60's band, The Shadows which has become a staple part of their live shows.

They used a mobile studio on their laptops, working overnight on their tour bus between shows on their 2007 European tour, before emailing it to NME. I think you will all agree that it really highlights what an exceptionally talented group they are.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

UNKLE feat Ian Astbury - Burn My Shadow (Single)

Now the new UNKLE video for Burn My Shadow. This is a stunning piece of work, quite reminiscent of the Radiohead video for Just. But this surpasses even that with direction and flow that fits so perfectly with the music. The song features guest vocals from Ian Astbury from The Cult and his dreaded vocals add to the panic and fear that is created with seemingly such ease. You are pulled into the chaos, tumbling into the scene, drawn in for the video's inevitable climax.

Tokyo Police Club - Your English Is Good (Single)

First of all I would like to compliment this band on a fine name choice Tokyo Police Club rolls off the tongue nicely. Secondly the song, this is a feel good summer hit as the video likes to suggest. Its a song that celebrates youth by its very nature. Quick and sharp sounding its a bright beacon for the young and oppressed. Almost a My Generation for our generation. Sure its not quite at the same level as The Who's classic but its clearly the goal and its good to aim high. To my mind this young canadian band sound like a mixture between The Strokes and The Cribs particularly on this new single, which is no bad thing. While I didn't really enjoy their previous single, this is a lively and jubilant piece of songwriting that makes Tokyo Police Club an excellent prospect for the future.

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Glance Upon... Blackbud

A mixture between Jeff Buckley and Led Zeppelin they are Joe Taylor (guitar and vocals), Adam Newton (bass, backing vocals) and Sam Nadel (drums, backing vocals). Strangely signed to Independiente home to such bands as Travis and Embrace they are a breath of fresh air to a stale music scene. Their first album From The Sky was a fine piece of work, but it felt somehow incomplete. More of a sound which can be built upon rather than the finest article. With sublime tracks such as Barefoot Dancing which tantalise the listener with bright, confident guitar work and subtle vocals they surely have alot more to offer.

I await their new material which from the tasty morsels posted on their Myspace page should be epic. Now's The Time retains the soft feel of the first album but builds upon it to produce something which feels freer and less constrained. Have a listen and tell me what you think.

"Official Blackbud Myspace Page"

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Arctic Monkeys - The Bakery (Live)

My apologies but here is another slice of The Arctic Monkeys, this time the b-side to Fluorescent Adolescent. Follow the link below to your prize.

"The Arctic Monkeys - The Bakery (Live)"

The Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent (Single)

The music video was directed by Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd/Garth Marenghi's Darkplace) who is a funny man indeed. So its not surprise that the video which stars Stephen Graham (Scummy Man) as a clown, is of a humorous nature. Its a song that is well loved and no doubt will do well with its feel-good summer tinge. Although the video in my opinion is not as punchy as it could have been despite the band considering this their best video yet.

On a personal note I was on the same location as this video not long after. Helping with filming of the promo for up and coming new band Passenger and their song Do What You Like. The video can be found below.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Gossip - Listen Up (Single)

A brand new re-release from a band that I've heard far too much about. This is mundane effort, empty and uneventful . "1, 2 ,3 take it from me, 3, 4 so much trouble in store 4, 5 get it right,the first time" sings Beth Ditto seemingly not realising how awful the lyrics she is singing are. The instrumentation is unadventurous and they seem to rely to much on Ditto's strong voice which is undoubtedly impressive. They just don't have the quality of songs and if I'm honest I don't think they have the talent to write anything better than or on par with Standing In The Way Of Control. I won't be at all surprised to see them fade into obscurity once the hype has died down.

Smashing Pumpkins - Tarantula (Single)

Aren't we all glad these are back. Sure, they aren't all back but they are back in name. This is Tarantula, the firecracker of a comeback song that we all wished for. It's from their forthcoming new album Zeitgeist. This is a video of the Smashing Pumpkins reunion tour with Tarantula.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The White Stripes - Effect and Cause (Live on Later... with Jools Holland)

I rather enjoyed this comment from Web Sheriff, no doubt on behalf of the record companies. It tries to not be heavy handed but methinks its failed.

"Kindly remove all unreleased WHITE STRIPES torrent files / keys and links from this site / thread immediately, failing which - regrettably - a DMCA notification shall be forwarded to the site and take-down action shall follow : naturally, however, we hope that this shall not prove to be necessary.

As you will surely know, traffic on this (unreleased) album is being monitored and removed ... .. and not just by Web Sheriff, but also by Warners and their attorneys so, if you have to indulge in this activity (which Jack and Meg would rather you didn‘t), then do it off-line / do not ‘broadcast‘ it. Otherwise your details will be harvested and you may be hearing from Warners and / or the RIAA.

On behalf of the artists label, we do appreciate that - of course - you are a fans of / are promoting THE WHITE STRIPES but, by the same token, you must also appreciate that, by posting a pirate copy of the album or tracks from the album pre-release (or linking to pirate copies), you are potentially causing considerable inconvenience and we are sure that you would not want to be personally responsible (or liable) for all of the resulting damage.

Thank you for respecting the artist‘s and label‘s wishes and, if you want good quality, non-pirated preview tracks, NME magazine are offering 2 tracks by The White Stripes on coloured vinyl with next week‘s issue.

Whilst writing, we‘d add that we‘re not at all against free music but, at the end of the day, it should be (and is) the artist‘s decision as to whether or not they allow albums to circulate before release, as it‘s THEIR MUSIC !! For the avoidance of doubt, the Q101 broadcast was NOT authorised (so there are no double standards applying here).

As you will appreciate, this e-mail - containing, as it does, a position that is potentially prejudicial to our clients open / formal position - is written on a without prejudice basis and, as such, all of our clients accumulated, worldwide rights remain strictly reserved : please excuse this required formality."

To lighten the mood here is a live track from the new White Stripes album Icky Thump entitled Effect and Cause which was played on Later... with Jools Holland.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Jam - English Rose (Classic Song)

I felt the need to post this song. I think its the most romantic song ever written, even a person such as me with a heart of stone gets emotional listening to it. So enjoy and don't worry about holding back the tears, we are all friends here.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Polyphonic Spree - The Fragile Army

Stop the presses! The Polyphonic Spree make an angst ridden metal album! Only joking, of course this is another feel-good, skip through the summer fields, happy clappy, in your face celebration of being alive. Do these people ever have a bad day? Probably. Do they ever turn it into a song? Of course not! This another chapter in the musical saga that is the Polyphonic Spree.

Running Away
and Younger Yesterday are clear examples of how much they haven't changed. Running Away is a song that is a perfect representation of them as a band. It's like running away with the wind in my face, It's like flying, And you and I are open wide they sing with all the gusto and exuberance of a choir. We Crawl and Overblow Your Nest are the closest things your going to get to unhappy songs on this album, but even with them they manage to make into something grand and beautiful. They genuinely brighten you up with songs like Watch Us Explode (Justify) which is probably my favourite song on the album. It bubbles with joy and holds a more rocky undertone that their other work. Just listening to the album draws a smile on your face and that is a wonderful ability that they have as a band. I wouldn't change them for the world even if I had that kind of power.

Kid Harpoon - Colours (Live)

This is something from an artist you probably haven't heard of he's from the south east of England. If you truly like music then you'll enjoy this, a live version of the song Colours. Hes a real talent and I think you should all check out his Myspace page which is; http://www.myspace.com/kidharpoon