Monday, June 11, 2007

A Glance Upon... Blackbud

A mixture between Jeff Buckley and Led Zeppelin they are Joe Taylor (guitar and vocals), Adam Newton (bass, backing vocals) and Sam Nadel (drums, backing vocals). Strangely signed to Independiente home to such bands as Travis and Embrace they are a breath of fresh air to a stale music scene. Their first album From The Sky was a fine piece of work, but it felt somehow incomplete. More of a sound which can be built upon rather than the finest article. With sublime tracks such as Barefoot Dancing which tantalise the listener with bright, confident guitar work and subtle vocals they surely have alot more to offer.

I await their new material which from the tasty morsels posted on their Myspace page should be epic. Now's The Time retains the soft feel of the first album but builds upon it to produce something which feels freer and less constrained. Have a listen and tell me what you think.

"Official Blackbud Myspace Page"

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Anonymous said...

I've just had the privilege of making a short film about bass with Adam Newton of Blackbud.
You can see it here:
I hope you enjoy it.
Richard Gooderick