Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 40th Anniversary

What an idea, get contemporary acts to perform sgt pepper songs using the same recording techniques that The Beatles used all those years ago. This of course could be a recipe for disaster, with the utter destruction of wonderful songs by inferior acts. However I'm pleased to announce that in the most part this is not the case. The excellent performances by the Kaiser Chiefs, Stereophonics and Razorlight (Thankfully without Mr Borrell) are a delight to listen to. One track which I haven't featured here that really doesn't work is She's Leaving Home performed by the Magic Numbers. His voice really doesn't fit the song and it becomes a mess. If you really want to hear it, it can be found on Youtube. But in the meantime enjoy, Kaiser Chiefs - Getting Better, Razorlight - With A Little Help From My Friends and The Stereophonics - Sgt. Peppers [Reprise]


Another track to add to this collection. A heartwarming rendition of Lovely Rita performed by Travis

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