Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Jai - Alai Savant - Flight of the Bass Delegate

I stumbled across this band through another of my favourite bands The Mars Volta whom they share a record label which. In many ways they are similar to the aforementioned band. They have produced a debut album which jumps around and flits back and forth through multiple influences, like a ten year old boy who's had far too much Haribo and Capri Sun and wont stay still. Despite the strong impact of other bands on them including the Mars Volta they have a very clear sound, that is very much their own. Its held together by the hushed vocals of Ralph Darden which are at times very reminiscent of Sting and the sublime drumming of Michael Bravine.

Scarlett Johansson Why Don't You Love Me jumps out and hits you on name alone and it doesn't disappoint when heard, its a song I could listen to all day without becoming bored. One of the best songs is the funky The Low and Frequent See which trips along and at over 7 minutes as by no means short but have no fear as none of that time is wasted. Sugar Free has to be my favourite song from the album and is without a doubt the most police sounding with is superb chorus. They are a band who can produce pop brilliance or self indulgent mastepieces and with that range they have the potential to become even better. Although quite a few of the songs seem to cut out just as they are getting going, that's a minor quibble over what is an excellent debut from a band who should be huge.

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