Sunday, July 01, 2007

Kula Shaker - Strangefolk

They have always been a band that alot of people love to hate. But one thing for sure is that they are an exceedingly talented musicians and on this their long overdue third album they show how good they really are. Hurricane Season and Shadowlands are well thought out pieces of songwriting brilliance that allow you to wonder how you haven't heard them before. Sure, their music might not be fashionable in our Arctic Monkeys flavoured world. But they play without compromise and in doing so highlight how poor some of the songwriting is out there in the current music scene.

Politics rear their head once again with a song that featured on their The Revenge Of The King EP. Great Dictator (Of the Free World) has since had a slight reworking and I think its a very witty and humorous take on a subject that others have sang and died by, but in this case it works well. The title track as I see it seems to act as a divide for the album. Before it I see lighthearted and jaunty tunes and afterwards they seem to switch into serious mode, perhaps I am imagining this so called split in the album but its something which I will credit them with.

The first track following the break is Song of Live/Narayana which incorporates elements from the tracks Narayan and Climbatize, both from The Prodigy's album Fat Of The Land. Narayan was a co-written with Mills and it featured his vocals, some would see the use of this as a remedy for a lack of decent new material but its such a good reworking and they've changed it enough to make it an worthy track in its own right. They are a band of the 90's, but this music is timeless. If only more British bands were making such good music.

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