Friday, August 08, 2008

Emiliana Torrini - Me and Armini

Me and Armini heralds the return of Icelandic songsmith Emiliana Torrini. I was pleased to hear that on her fifth effort she hasn't lost of the innocent charm that allowed her previous releases to find a place in your heart. This is her most accessible effort to date, and is full of songs that despite their subtlety work on varying levels. She's got past those early comparisons with Bjork to develop a style all of her own.

The title track sees her breaking into completely new ground. Ska heavy but inherently catchy its a stand out track. Birds and Hold Heart are both very beautiful acoustic tracks which wouldn't be out of place on her previous effort Fisherman's Woman. Wonderfully, you can find yourself drifting away to many of these songs, under the influence of Emiliana's soaring, soft yet distinctive vocals. Jungle Drum on the other hand is without a doubt her most pop song to date, it dances around and is reminiscent of KT Tunstall in style and execution but manages to retain Emiliana's distinct style. She has clearly been listening to a vast range of music since her last record as the influences and styles introduced here are numerous. Gun introduces a funky bass riff which repeats through the song, something which makes it impossible not to nod your head in appreciation to.

This is another first class album from a talented woman who has  yet to make a bad one. With the success of Feist, Emiliana deserves the same. Unfortunately she has yet to come up with a song about counting and thus remains in the record collections of those privilaged enough to have heard her brilliance. 

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Andy Yorke - Simple

Heres a link to the new album from Andy Yorke, lead singer and guitarist of his Unbelievable Truth. But more famously know for being the brother of Radiohead singer Thom Yorke. Its a release i've been waiting for since Unbelievable Truth split up, who were a hidden talent and created some very fine and beautiful music. So I urge those who have never heard of them to give this a listen.

John Mayer - Where The Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles

One of the finest guitar players today John Mayer, of whom i'm a big fan releases his new live 2- CD, DVD and Blu-Ray package on July 1st,  Where The Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles was filmed last December at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles and directed by Danny Clinch. The special Columbia Records release includes three distinct sets: an acoustic performance, a rare set with John Mayer Trio (John Mayer, Steve Jordan and Pino Palladino), as well as a Continuum set featuring Mayer’s full-band. 

Below is a great performance featured in the new release entitled Belief which is from his latest album Continuum

MGMT - Weekend Wars (Live at Paradiso)

This band is my favourite at the moment. MGMT (or Management) is their name and their brand is one of easily accessible electronic pop coupled with heavy influences from British prog from the 70's. What they excel at producing the unexpected. Their sound is modern and is as far from the stale, mudanity of the current guitar orientated music scene as possible. Check out a live performance recorded at the Paradiso of their song Weekend Wars which is from their debut album Oracular Spectacular.

Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains (Live on Letterman)

If you loved the 70's you'll love this band. Fleet Foxes have been going down a storm recently, garnering accolades from all corners of the music industry. Their self titled debut album is Ménage à trois of folk pop at its best and rightly should have place in everyones record collection. They quite recently made their American network television debut on Letterman with their song Blue Ridge Mountains which has become a personal favourite of mine.

Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire

The Kings of Leon have returned! Before we even realised they were away, they have come back with their forth album. The first single to be taken from this is the ludicrously titled Sex On Fire (even lead singer Caleb Followill is seemingly 'unsure' about the title). Despite this the song itself a huge, stomping effort that continues the bands inevitable rise to the title of best band in the world. 

You can hear the new song for yourself at their myspace page, the address of which is displayed below.

The Week That Was - Yesterday's Paper

From the makers of Field Music comes an exciting new project, this time from the mind of Peter Brewis and after his brother David' marvellous School of Language record the expectation is high. But it does not disappoint, it once again highlights the brilliance that made up the niche pop simplicity of Field Music. 

Below is a link to my favourite track from the new album, entitled Yesterday's Paper.